TheraVine Facials.

Feel like a TheraVine advance facial?

Well this a little something to explain the different facials and what makes each one unique in there own way.



Combining advanced technology with the latest skin brightening research advances delivered a unique facial treatment using specialised skin care techniques to provide effective and visible brightening results.

Ideal for a dull, devitalised skin with discolouration concerns, this treatment is specifically aimed at diminishing uneven skin tone while also minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Targeting hyperpigmentation at various levels with scientifically advanced actives and natural lightening plant extracts, this treatment will aid in a rehydrated complexion, leaving your skin looking luminous and feeling radian.

HydraVine™ Facial

The perfect treatment for very dry, sensitive skin needing intense hydration and a vitamin boost. This facial helps restore the skin’s hydro-lipidic film, by deeply hydrating skin with a revolutionary cloth mask containing Hyaluronic Acid which intensely moisturises and ‘locks in’ active ingredients for up to 3 weeks.

TheraVine™ Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial

The infinite replenishing treatment, assisting in reducing fine lines and wrinkles by implementing specialised boosters and serums to combat the signs of ageing. The products contain active peptides which help regenerate skin’s collagen and elastin. A plasticizing paradox mask is applied to further enhance the actions of the active ingredients. A true time interceptor.

NutriVine™ Therapack Facial

An anti-oxidant, nutrient rich facial that nourishes and revitalises dull, fatigued skin types. This facial incorporates a specialised, warm multi-active grape- and linseed face pack which stimulates and enhances the action of the products applied during the treatment. Skin is left feeling smooth, soft and radiant.

AromaVine™ Anti-Wrinkle Facial

A facial like no other! Feel luxuriously pampered whilst enjoying a relaxing back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage before Muscle Relaxant ampoules are lavishly applied to your face in a specialised massage routine targeting the superficial and deeper facial muscles to assist in reversing time-ravaged skin, resulting in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and restored.

UltraVine™ Advance – Cellular Gold Facial

The embodiment of science and opulence. Based on TheraVine™’s breakthrough anti-oxidant technology, the UltraVine™ Advance anti-ageing concept promotes the skin’s DNA repair system while luxuriously soft and delicately scented creams, serums and balms transport your skin to an advanced state of renewal and serenity. Our anti-ageing jewel, a collagen film mask imbedded with pure, soft 24K gold and sparkling diamond dust coupled with a concentrated serum infused with super-charged actives, will visibly tone, polish and brighten the skin leaving it glowing with illumination.