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Revive your inner beauty!

Individuals are continuously pressured to adhere to societal expectations of femininity and masculinity. Being considered a ‘worthy’ woman or man in today’s society means that you must adhere to all the gender roles that society deems appropriate. This constant pressure of perfection puts strain on individuals who feel they have to live up to these unrealistic expectations. We are programmed to become a mixture of ideals including being nurturers, care takers, the perfect parent, the ideal partner and the top achiever at work. The constant battle to fulfil each of these roles means that we inevitably become engrossed by this lifestyle where we no longer make time for ourselves.

We have become so desensitised by this standard of living that we no longer recognise the strain and stress we are putting on ourselves seeing as this has become our new ‘normal’ way of life.

Numerous studies have illustrated the detrimental effects that stress has on our bodies and emotional wellbeing. High levels of stress can cause skin irritations, high blood pressure, weight gain as well as several other problems. It is important for individuals to take note of these subtle signs and realise when to STOP, reflect and have “ME time”. Luckily, the River Spa is aware of life’s daily stresses and takes the necessary steps to ensure the reduction of stress levels thereby relieving the effects stress has on the body.

The tranquil and unspoiled River Spa is located on the banks of the Vaal River in Parys. It is the perfect destination for those seeking to revive, rejuvenate and find your inner beauty. Along with an unforgettable spa experience, the River Spa also boasts friendly and professional staff who treat their customers with the utmost respect and pride – making you feel like royalty from the moment you arrive.

When it comes to exclusive luxury, no one does it better than the River Spa!


The negative impact of no ‘ME’ time

A simple visit to the River Spa can help people detoxify their bodies. It is important to remember that not making time for yourself leads to health deterioration, expediting the aging process as well as negatively impacting on your happiness.

Making ‘ME’ time is a necessity that you owe yourself. Not only will it reduce or completely remove the negativity from your life, it will also revive your inner beauty.


How do I make ‘ME’ time and revive my inner beauty?

Many individuals have very full and active lifestyles. So, the way you spend your ‘ME’ time depends entirely on your various preferences and schedules.

At the River Spa, we know that beauty comes from the inside. However, there is a significant link between spa treatments and uplifting psychological effects. Putting aside at least 30 minutes to an hours’ time daily to treat yourself can boost your mood, clear your mental space, and raise your confidence.



A happy and relaxed soul will not only revive your inner beauty, it will shine through to your exterior making YOU BEAUTIFUL!


-Author: Gerda Heyman-

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