RS045Spa Treatment Menu:
Treatments are carefully planned to accommodate the needs of each guest. We ask that you always allow enough time for your experience and arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment so we can record your current spa needs and details, offer you a refreshment and the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing steam before your treatment begins. Please help us by telling your therapist if you have any allergies or injuries which may make the treatment you have chosen unsuitable, or if you think you may be pregnant. We will be happy to advise safer alternatives. Treatment prices are subject to change without notice.

What to Do Before a Treatment
If time allows, spend 5-10 minutes in the steam room, then take a shower and put on the robe provided. Avoid heavy meals- lights snacks are recommended. Consumption of alcohol is not recommended.

What to do After a Treatment

If essential oils, therapeutic creams or wraps have been applied to the body, try to wait at least 2 hours before showering, thus ensuring maximum benefit of the treatment. Drink plenty of fluids afterwards, preferably water, to aid elimination of toxins and try to rehydrate the body.

Cellular / Mobile Phones
Please respect the tranquility of the spa and switch off your phone.

Medical Conditions
Please inform the spa staff of the following contra-indications before making use of any of the facilities: Diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, skin disorders, athletes foot, pregnancy, heart conditions, metal pins or plates.

In the interest of everyone, smoking is not permitted in the spa or spa garden. If you would like to smoke, kindly do so away from the spa complex.

RS321Booking Policy
Late arrivals will finish within the scheduled treatment time while the fee will remain unchanged. Should you wish to change or cancel appointments, please contact the spa directly. We would be grateful if you would observe a minimum of 24 hours notice when changing or cancelling an appointment.