Diamonds of the Future

Inspiration for a new generation.

Sometimes a girl’s gota do what a girl’s got to do.

So our story begins in 2013 when a group of local Parys women had noticed that so many of the girls in this small Free state town and surrounding area tend to get stuck once they have finished Grade 12. They applied their minds, pooled their resources, coaxed the movers and shakers in their networks to co-operate and pulled off a modest event for just over 40 girls.

The Diamonds of the Future program aims to use the words and actions of inspiring women. They tackle serious, fun and delicate topics, which are relevant to an audience of woman on the brink of entering the adult world.

2017 will see the fifth, and by now the “talk of the town” event, which will once again aim to better equip the 90 young woman attending, to face the challenges that the future will hold.

The program cannot be a success with out the invaluable contributions of the teachers, who have the task of selecting the participants, and support from the principles, who release teachers and learners for one day in July.

Our Sponsors have been extremely generous, providing a top-class venue ( Stonehenge) , food, bags (Little Green Numbers) and gifts to make the day super-special for the girls and guests.

Fight or Flight


If you acquire the right skills and assume a positive attitude, you will have the courage and power to face the daunting challenges of the future bravely. Own your life – present and future.

Woman of worth

Wow 2014

We are all worthy and deserve a good life. We need to invest in, guard and honor our bodies and minds. Then we will be ready to make our mark in the world with integrity and add value to those around you.

Nada to Prada


There are many people who’ve had a dismal start to life, who manage to rise from it and went on to achieve great things. By setting clear goals, using your network, always learning and giving it all you’ve got, you can be very successful, despite your circumstances.

Make A Difference

MAD 2016

We can all contribute to the good of society. It is not about money; it starts with an aattitude to give, rather than to see what you can get. By accepting that we can make a difference, we can jointly set a wave of positive change in motion.


When a fabulous event has been delivered, we all feel gratitude and sense of relief, but the reward for the commitment and work comes from the feedback that we get throughout the year from new Diamonds and those that attended some previous events…
  • I am more aware of the limitless possibilities- I love every moment
  • An amazing opportunity to mingle with wonderful people from different backgrounds
  • We believe now that we can make a difference and that it does not matter what we have, but what we can give.
  • Because of Diamonds of the Future, I grew both mentally and spiritually.

The event touches every girl in a different way. For every one of them, it is a special and meaningful experience. Many of them received a beautiful invitation, with their name on, for the first time. These are their quotes, but if we could, we would have shared with you the sparkle in their eyes and sense of wonder that we observe when they enter and leave the venue!

  • May others who get this opportunity, also realize how privileged they are.
  • I enjoyed the speeches and learnt that, as long as I believe in myself, anything is possible.
  • All the speeches opened my eyes and I really took it to heart. I won’t forget it.
  • Thank you for motivating us to enter the “grown-up” world and for all the advice.

When we inspire others……

People perform at their best when they are inspired and motivated. They not only take on big challenges, but they also become committed to inspiring others.

Our aim is for Diamonds of the Future to have a ripple effect, and that the small wave of inspiration and hope that had started in Parys in the middle of Winter with a few girls, will continue to influence the lives of far broader audiences in South Africa and around the world as our Diamonds spread their wings and fly to meet their destinies.

The Schools

  • Weiveld Agricultural & Hotel School
  • Boitlamo High School
  • Poiphilelo High School
  • Phellanf High School
  • Parys High School
  • Yakhisiswe
  • Barnard
  • SS Paki High School





The Magic of a committed team..

When our team works together,  we are amazed by the magic that results from our collective effort.

  • The team that pulls the Diamonds events together, share a dream to add value to the lives of young women in this environment
  • We are all professionals, forming a multi-disciplinary power-house
  • We draw on our respective networks to bring exceptional speakers to our young audiences
  • As a matter of principle, our speakers are volunteers (like us) and commit their time for free
  • Without exceptions, our speakers have become champions and cheer-leaders for this event, having also enjoyed the interaction and appreciation that they had received from the audience