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pHformula Skin Resurfacing

pHformula Skin Resurfacing

PHformula skin resurfacing is the first pharma-cosmeceutical offering in South African spa’s, including Riverspa Parys.

Skin resurfacing is the technology of regenerative medicine, a controlled chemical resurfacing with no downtime.

pHformula’s skin resurfacing offers a superior treatment of skin disorders such as ageing, pigmentation, acne and chronic redness. It also has been tested for unique skin permeability (sensitivity).

Skin resurfacing by pHformula is an easy integratable system with your current product offering. It offers maximum strength formulations in a unique delivery complex. pHFormula offers  multifunctional retail products for the time constrained consumer of today with multifunctional treatment options to prevent therapist and client monotony.

Riverspa Parys invites you to book your pHformula skin resurfacing treatment today, offering you optimal relaxation without compromising on you treatment results.

For more information on these products and treatments you can visit www.riverspa.co.za or phone

The Theranaka Story

River Spa Parys is a proud supplier of TheraNaka and would like to share their story.

TheraNaka™ – “Where I Stay, the Beauty of Africa”. Since the earliest time, Africa’s original inhabitants lived in harmony with nature. From heavenly aromas to herbal purity this unique body range is a mesmerising and innovative body and sense-soothing safari, replicating the earthy scents and the awe-inspiring wonder of this most profound continent.

With an abundance of exotic scents and herbs which have well-reputed healing properties, Africa provides the ultimate sensory load for natural beauty as well as complete relaxation and rejuvenation. It is from these African gems that TheraNaka™ draws its raw materials to create a range exploding with earthy richness and new life.

TheraNaka™’s unique body treatments and rituals were inspired by, designed and based on Africa’s rich heritage, cultural traditions, rituals and beliefs and have been created to celebrate mother earth and her connection with life.

Understanding our mutual interdependence with earth, TheraNaka™ has been developed using only the finest natural ingredients available from nature while honouring the eco-system. Our credible suppliers, specialist South African plant extract manufacturers, provide us with the best selection and quality of African plant extracts. Their services support organic certification, sustainability and Fair Trade.

TheraNaka™ is the perfect balance between the scents and herbs of Africa and the traditional rituals of its ancient inhabitants. Developed to take you on a journey that will open your eyes to the beauty and wonder that is Africa, TheraNaka™ will also show you the need of preserving and caring for this mother continent.

TheraNaka™ – South Africa’s key to experiencing the beauty of Africa